German learning

Guys, do you know ways to learn german? Without subs


Was machen Sie?

Sagt es.


Yo learning german can be tough if youre a native english speaker the word order in grammar is super weird and theres 3 genders for nouns

@Moonbeam s resource is the one I was gonna suggest, the german govt has a lot of german learning programs because they want more people to speak it lol


I practiced Spanish a little on the app Duolingo. I’m pretty sure they have German also. Does subs mean subtitles?

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Ich versuche nur, die Sprache zu lernen. In meinem Wertesystem wird das nützlich sein.

There are free lessons on spotify just have to subscribe monthly spotify 5 or 10 dollars im not sure.

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@Loke, do you not know a good language site? not sure if it is subscription free

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Not really any free ones for German. Pimsleur is a really good paid app but it’s expensive. Rosetta Stone is having a sale r n too. Try YouTube “German TPRS”. You’ll pick up a lot by watching cartoons in German just do a YouTube search

@Mae duolingo is good for the basics.

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