German co pilot waa taking olanzapine or was supposed to have being

Its very annoying , that it seems that most violent , unmotivated, barbarous crimes have psychosis associated with them

I agree! I don’t have a mean spirited bone in my body but the stigma of my illness prevents me from being open about it with others. Literally, no one except for a few family members know that I have Sza.

yes this kind of reporting doesnt exactly help stigma against people with mental illness

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If its a fact he was taking olanzapine , then that is important and should be reported. There are a lot of people dead and people want answers ,

Its just frustrating

That makes sense about the reporting

I hope they make it plain that the great majority of sz’s harm no one.

Yes, i think it would have helped to have that in the article

You would of thought that the airlines would have to be informed about the health of their pilots by doctors. Very sad story.

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Yeah I think it makes sense that certain illnesses should mean that certain persons can’t hold certain jobs.

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I think that the pilot had other issues, besides suffering from psychosis - He seemed to have been a pretty severe psychopath.

Psychosis was not the only thing at play here - His cold and calculated personality seemed to have been the culprit.
But psychosis always has a bad reputation in the eyes of the media


My mom was going on about how hitler had to have a mental illness. I didn’t really have an argument ready, still don’t. People don’t like to acknowledge how ■■■■■■ up they could think and act. They separate themselves from it. That is the source of stigma.

Hitler wasn’t the only nazi. Power was probably the cause of his “sickness.” And public support.

Oh well.

In my humble opinion I think people do horrid things and then the media says… Oh they must have some mental illness.

It seems like mental illness is getting attached to any behavior that others find ghastly.

I was reading the news story about the 15 years old girl this past month who had her ex- G.I. boyfriend kill her Mom because her Mom didn’t want her dating a 20 year old ex-G.I.

It was pretty brutal and now the defense attorneys are telling the media taht the poor girl must have a mental illness…

No it reads like the girl was a little brat who got mad at her Mom and lied to her boyfriend to get her way.

I don’t understand why people can’t accept that some people are just filled with hate and have no care for others. It wasn’t just Hitler making it happen…

I know people like to single Hitler out… but it was the nation that voted him in to start his political career and then didn’t oppose him when he started his hate and intolerance. Does that mean the entire government at the time was mentally ill?

Thank you for letting me have some whine with my cheese. I’ll quit my vent.


Peril (dangerousness) is a crucial component of mental illness stigma (Jones et al, 1984).

One of the scales for my project is the dangerousness scale (Link, 2001).

Hitler was a meth addict, it’s well documented.

From the time that he had influence he had a personal doc that fed it to him daily.

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Maybe if some that have uncontrollable psychotic tendencies went somewhere where they could get advice from people like them that have no stake in the situation.

I think that especially with the paranoid sometimes their doc could be considered a bad person to put trust in.

This place seems pretty cool.

The way they were quoting the French psychiatrist, either he’s the most ignorant intolerant ‘psychiatric expert’ in the world (or just being French), or they misquoted him and left out all qualifiers. There’s no mention of the dosage of olanzapine or bp or sza or depression, just sz.

I don’t know about this yet. I had saddened by all those who went to Spirit before they were supposed to. I am also very concerned that this will re-introduce the fear, stigma, and bigotry that those who suffer from mental illness must endure. This is very very tragic incident. I cry for everyone on that airplane; even the co-pilot that crashed, and I cry for all those on the planet who will suffer the reprecussions of it. No matter psychiatric investigestion is accomplished; we will never know the whole truth. I will never totally understand why these incidents occur. It is a learning experience for all who live on Planet Earth.

Yeah , I’d like to know the dosage as well. I’m sure we will get the doctors/pdocs report in the future.

I was thinking about this while I’m waiting for a flight… There’s no way the guy ever took much Olanzpine, he’s too skinny! Case closed.

If he took Olanzapine then that is severly distressing, since you are warned to drive and operate machinery on these meds.