Geraldo, Willowbrook, Peabody award, there a rememberance day?

If you lookup “Willowbrook” on wiki you will find much on this old state facility.

It was investigated by Geraldo Rivera in 1972 and he won a Peabody award for it.

Many people with every kind of MI from Sz to cerebral palsy to intellectual/learning challenges were sent there. It was a catch all kind of place.

Bad treatment, abuse, amd medical experiments were performed on children and teens. Including purposely infecting residents, some children/teens, with hepatitus (human lab rats).

If not for them and their suffering we would not have many of the life saving vaccines we have today as it was also a study of blood serum and antibodies. Hepatitus A,B, &C is and was a human pleague and spead quickly in past generations.

America owes much to their memories. They are “The Class of Willowbrook”.

When is the rememberance day for these American heros with MI who saved so very many lives through their suffering?

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