Geodon please help

I got the invega 234 shot about 20 days ago. Im not liking these memory issues. Im thinking of geodon. I got dx schizoaffective but still uncertain its correct. The commotion is in my head not external. I have major ocd intrusive thoughts. Anyone take geodon for these conditions and got relief. I get these horrible commotion thoughts like cycles. Thx so much

I also get the Invega shot 156mg per month I have OCD as well with the intrusive thoughts. I was on Geodon awhile ago and although it helped with my delusions it didn’t seem to touch my OCD. Hope thing’s get better for you soon. Also welcome to the forum. :grin:

For me, Geodon was like taking candy. It didn’t change anything. But while on it I didn’t gain weight - bonus! I hope it works for you

Hows the invega working? Im having memory lapses on it. Did you get the 250 something to start?

I’m not on Invega anymore. I’m on Loxapine now. I took the highest dose of Invega though. It allowed me to be awake and alert all day when I was on it though.

Same here. It helped with my hallucinations, too. What I like about Geodon is that it doesn’t deaden my mind.