Genuine telepathy

I believe that I am experiencing genuine telepathy. It really appears genuine. I even have some proof.

But I need to know for sure… Are “they” real?


Delusion. And there is no “they”. Get better soon.


are you on meds? you sound unstable…telepathy is rare and not probable.


But I have been communicating with them for years and they seem real. I have some proof.

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Why is it a delusion? I have been communicating with them for so long…

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Please talk to your pdoc about this “telepathy”. It is all paranoia. I had it for years and years. It seems so real. But, it is not, I assure you.


This thread is interesting

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Lets see the proof

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One proof is this:

They used words that I did not know of. Only after looking up in the dictionary I found out that they were real words.

Talk to ur psychiatrist.


@schang1984. This is not proof.

People are inundated with information in their everyday lives (from the internet, TV, radio, real life interactions, etc.). You likely came across these words at some point, stored them away in your subconscious, and now these words are re-surfacing into your conscious mind.


Yeah like my dreams are smarter I am in real life.

I have a another proof. But you need to study it well. Okey, I’ll tell you about it.
I love to hear songs. I listened to one song on youtube and it has this beautiful clouds. The song is called Southern sun by paul oakenfold. One day I observed something changing in the picture I was seeing everyday.

This is how the picture looked like (smooth):

This is what the picture looks now (2 dots added to it):

It appears that “they” have added two white spots to the beautiful picture I have been watching every day!

Not only has it changed on the particular youtube channel, it has changed everywhere on the internet as well, as shown here:

I would guess that the picture with the extra sun spots is the original photograph and the picture without the sun spots is a cleaned-up version of the same photograph with the sunspots removed.

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The smooth one is just a different crop or edit.

It doesn’t mean anything.

People who really enjoy pictures like these often edit them to make them look even nicer. So you may get different versions.

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Just curious: if the picture changed, how did you get a copy of the smooth version to show us? Did you have it saved?

I also think I might be experiencing telepathy and have had magical things happen to me.

What are your telepathic conversations like? I hear voices and see images of real-life acquaintances, friends, and family.

No that is not true. Would you believe that if you walked into your room and you see that a burglar has entered your room and made a BIG BIG BIG mess that the mess is actually how your room originally looked like?

Because that is what you are basically telling me!

I had to edit the changed picture back to the smooth version. What it looked like.

But I am sure the spots don’t belong there. It must have been added by “them” (the AI).

It has changed everywhere on the internet.

Well, this shows how easy it is to edit unwanted artifacts and blemishes out of photos.

If you came across the photograph online without the blemishes, it just means someone else, with similar photo editing skills as you, cleaned up the photo before posting it online.