Genuine telepathic communication

I feel like I am telepathically communicating with external entities. I do not believe it’s fake, it seems real! Is this schizophrenia/ psychosis?

what do you mean by external entities?..other humans?

No not able to read others thoughts.

Other humans yes.

Sorry, but what is easily possible?

I have the same problem its one of my most prominent problems i surf the internet alot for ways that they could do it and I tend to think these days that they could but im lableled insane so

Yes. When I was younger I use to think I could hear the thoughts of another student and it almost caused a fight one time. I now know that it wasn’t real it seemed very real at the time but it wasn’t.

Get medical help it’s schizo

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do you know what i am thinking now ? :blue_book:
here is a clue… :ghost:

  1. get diagnosed…
  2. if diagnosed take the meds… :pill:
  3. if you don’t have sz…start to worry :blush:
    take care :alien:
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If you think it’s real then the answer is yes

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