Genius: Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity. The moment he found out the truth


Hey Erez what happen… U just talk less these days …are u okay… how religious are u…do u pray everyday…i am praying for ur well being…

We will reach to cure someday soon…
Erez @Chess24 dont u love me now…??

@far_cry0 religion is fine if you wish.
The most important thing is to aggressively support science and technological innovations,
research and development, value being a genius above all.

Science and technological innovation are the things that have the potential to turn our lives
from hell to heaven! An altogether more splendid life!
You can support religion but one that is very progressive, pro science
and technologal innovation.That values personal freedom and supports knowledge science technology
and hard work for the benefit of humanity, to make the world a better place. Religion that doesn’t block the progress of humanity.


Hey @Chess24 glad to see you’re back on the forum.
How are you feeling today buddy?

Wishing you good health !



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