Generational differences

Today my son tells me that his elementary school had a “lock down drill” and I find out what it is. Good grief. When I was a kid (‘Im 41) we had an occasional drug sniffing dog and fire drills. Why has our world deteriorated to the point we have to train our children to hide from crazy gunmen? Hits home now, usually when it happens I am numb and upset at how the media is stigmatizing mental illness. good grief. My husband (he’s59) says when he was a kid by contrast they instead practiced bomb drills. In any case, goes to show how generations change. Seriously, it’s not the parents’ faults. What do they call this generation, generation x or something? Today my older boy got a poster in the mail says “Keep calm and carry on”. Hoping my post is appropriate, desimb

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We used to have earthquake drills here in California when I was in grade school. At a signal, everybody drops what they are doing and crawls under their desk, and clasps their hands over their neck and head to protect ourselves from broken glass.

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I was in the sixth grade when the Cuban missel crisis happened. We did drills for awhile. I don’t think crouching in the hall with our hands on our heads would have helped much.

Also back then it was the thing to build your own bomb shelter. I remember my father having some information + wondering out loud - Should we build one?

I remember little else from that time but I still remember these and have an insecure feeling from them.

Nick, I read an article a few years ago that said kids should not get under their desks, but crouch beside them. If something heavy fell on the desk with the kid underneath, the kid would be flattened. It also said not to stand in a doorway, which everyone is told to do. The article was something about triangles - what to do in an earthquake.

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christ u live in a strange country! the only drills we have in the uk r fire drills and that’s it. but then guns r illegal in the uk. i can only recall two shootings in my lifetime.

I was in the third grade during the Cuban missile crisis. We lived near the world largest submarine base at that time. So we were a target. In school they taught us if we saw a flash of light in the distance we were to get under our desks and cover our heads. They didn’t teach us the part about kissing your ass good by.
Later we moved to Missouri and I learn to duck and cover in the hallway in case of tornadoes.
Time have change now it lockdowns. Everything changes but it is not always for the best.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

It is a changing world for sure. I don’t like the fact that the mentally ill are blamed for everything violent that happens in this world. I just take a look around me and see how we are falsely portrayed in the media and pop culture world. If only the masses knew the truth behind schizophrenia.

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Seattle was strange with it’s drills. We had flood, fire and earthquake. One time in Grade school they didn’t do the “required amount” of drills to satisfy the powers that be so we had a fire and flood drill on the same day. Flood in the morning and fire in the afternoon. I always thought… how can a flooded school catch fire?

My sis says at her high school there was fire, bomb threat and gun lock down. Seattle hasn’t said it’s due to any Mental Illness crazed gunman. Their situations were all about gangs… should there be multiple gunmen in a gang situation… Seattle is sort of low on the gang activity. Right now my city seems very worried about Tsunami. There are Tsunami warning signs going up along all the west beaches.

But POB, either way the kid will be flattened. If he’s under his desk and something heavy falls on the desk he’ll be flattened. And if he’s crouching beside it and something heavy falls on him directly he’ll be flattened too! A kid stands a better chance if he’s under a desk.

My son has had evacuation drills. They call it that instead of fire drill. There are many reasons to evacuate, not just fire.

We have no tornados or flooding or earthquakes here in Sweden. But it can get really snowy, so much snow at once that you can’t go to work or school. Or in northern Sweden it can get -35-40 degrees Celsius. Can’t be outside.

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Once they had nucelar drills. The same thing, ironically. Once a phallic, always a phallic.

Well I went to a catholic school where they got us boys in a room and told us to never masturbate and never have sex until you are married. It was like brainwash, I remember exchanging skeptical glances with this kid (who now goes to Notre Dame) and talking with him afterwards like “this is ■■■■■■■■ I already masturbate”

I still keep in touch with my friends from there, and two of my three old pals are still as rational as I am. The other is pretty devout but he’s also very intelligent so I think respect him a whole lot. Whatever floats your boat and doesn’t sink anyone else’s!

But that doesn’t change with generations. My dad told me stories about the same stuff when he was a kid in catholic school.

According to what the guy said about the triangles - if the ceiling falls, there will be a space left beside the desk big enough to leave the kid unharmed. The same with a bed - if you lie or crouch beside or at the end of a bed there will be a triangular space there that should keep you from injury.

I keep meaning to look that up.

I looked it up. Apparently the Triangle of Life theory is an urban myth - based largely on earthquakes in other countries.

this is what happens when fire arms are and everyday thing .