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Question: Can you KNOW something, but someone can make you think you don’t know it?

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Yes, if you hold the other person’s knowledge in higher esteem than your own.

Great answer. Thanks.I’ll work on that. It makes sense.

See, I never know things like that.

my narcissitic malignant sociopath of a mother did this to me all the time . she is pure evil.
one day she will rot in hell.
take care

Yes, some people do this to me all the time. They even argue with me until I pull out the books. There are times they sound so sure of themselves… that I even begin to doubt myself.

but you have to be careful. because sometimes you THINK you know something and you might not! my boyfriend claims i am hiding information all the time and telling him he’s wrong about his conspiracies to deter him from believing them. never think people have bad intentions! you have to go person to person. some people are actually honest!

If I KNOW something for sure and someone tries to convince me otherwise I’d just keep quiet and never bring up the subject again in front of that person. He or she may think they’re right but that’s ok with me…