General Lifeline

0 to 1
Neglect and being touched on my private parts.

0 to 5
Taught I was a bad person.

5 to 8
Masturbated in my bed.

Primary school age
Behind with schooling and not able to hold urine.

Secondary school age
Smelling of wee still.
Looking terrified of people.

Latter secondary education
Age 15, locked out of home and lost virginity to 2 elder Austrians.
Feeling remote.

Feeling alone and trying to form friendships.
Getting involved with other kids who were smoking pot.

Watched first true friend and first boyfriend fall in love and form relationship without me.

Post Uni
Put on medication plan but work 9to5, 5 days weekly anyway.

Older years
Humiliated and robbed of personal chances.

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