General hospital medication

Have you ever tweaked off things like morphine or pethadine or any meds whilst in hospital. Having an OP is literally like walking into hell. Horrible thought !

My worst psychosis came from morphine during an OP !

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Whats OP? They put me on morphine for surgery and after a few days from surgery I asked them to give me something weaker than morphine so they gave me codeine. I didn’t like narcotics as they caused me insomnia, I was up all night so stopped them on my own after a few days. I can handle the pain without narcotics.

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Meant OP - Operation.

I just found i lose my mind with morphine and similar meds !

Im dreading if I ever have to go for a serious OP again !


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I saw an elderly relative become psychotic on morphine after an operation.

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I took opium once and dissociated for 15 hours. I have no memory of what happened.

I was with someone else and we went out and partied apparently but I have no memory of it.

I have had dissociative episodes including a fugue episode which lasted a few weeks.

I conclude that opiates are a waste of time for me as I just dissociate, not that I want any anyway.

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Morphine = Psychosis

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