General background stories

This thread is for sharing your general background stories . It is created mainly because multiple people have said that it’s a bit of a inconvenience to tell their stories over and over again and they would like to have a permanent thread that they can link to to share.

We are going to try a bit of an experiment with this thread and try locking this thread to keep it clean. If you want to share your story on this thread, please personal message me with your story and I will insert it in thread, but keep locked to keep people from posting non essential comments in this thread to keep it nice and tidy.

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From @greenlight :

my story.

I was born in 1982. Had an awesome childhood. Sane as can be. fourteen i lost interest in school. drank and smoked. went to movies and coffee shops with girls. diagnosed depression and anxiety age 14. saw a doctor and a psychologist for it. had some dissociative breaks that never ended in mental health stuff. stayed out of the system. fell in love one spring and burned myself out for the coming of high school. generally slept instead of going to class. was regarded as an all around nice guy. got into partying. some drugs like lsd and mushrooms. loved it. played drums in bands. dropped out of school. partied with the punks. fell in love again. loved my life. worked jobs when i could manage it. broke up. went numb and lost a good deal of myself. went on though. worked at a truckstop. elections friends got amped. moved to a maine. the city.

watched a ton of monty python. misfits really. took classes. was diagnosed depression and anxiety and percribed medication. drank alot. regularaly. found hikikomori article and moved back home to be alone. life went on. didn’t work. doctor changed my diagnosis for my dissability claim to schizoaffective. best friend found love with a guy and we drifted apart. spent a lot of time alone. wasn’t having any symptoms. had absolute privacy above the garage at my parents place. grew pot. one harvest. smoked drank and drove up and down the coast of maine with my ipod playing. modest mouse… built to spill. dinasaur junior. drove out west trying to get to oregon. started to have vague unusual beliefs. messages in the radio. stuff like that. best friend told me to get lost so i asked for therapy. she abused me for six months. had a suicide attempt then and called my ex girlfriend. really scared the hell out of her. went to the behavioral health unit. found a therapeutic community. a working farm. lived it to the fullest there. needed badly to find love again but all i found was women. went through them. got engaged. lived together. broke up. moved back with family. we raised my niece. good times. wholesome times. behavior health unit sometimes. hooked up occasionally with people from the farm. abused the hell out of adderal and klonopin. got my DUI after a bad car crash with a friend. delusional stuff happening all the time.

met a girl in the psych ward. stayed with her and did a little traveling. got kicked out for answring someones phone while drunk. walked all night through scary neighborhoods. went to dual diagnosis program. inpatient outpatient. it was eccelent. was telling the guys about hopping frieght trains (did that) and cargo ships (something like that happened) fought with the doctor and interupted his groups. got sane again. went on AP and got well. outpatient. got an apartment. played music with the guys who played instruments. volunteered with animals at various places. animal shelter. riding place. thirteen horses took care of. got a band together played some gigs. went out drinking. did too any drugs again. got sober for nine months. graduated. found clubhouse and got involved in that community. a seat on the board. was the coffee guy. met alot of great people who i don’t really talk to anymore. went as delegate to the international conference. was perfectly sane this whole time.

moved back to an apartment on my folks new property to help with starting a clubhouse on the seacoast here. wholesome times again. was close to family. isolated a good deal. got a condo for a while. things were good. people came back into my life. went to the new clubhouse. but went stark raving mad with voices. they were like four times a year a few messages before now they were all the time. got police called for the first time twice. took me to the hospital. was involved in the metnal helath center. spent five weeks at the state hospital. peed my pants because i thought my ex girlfriend was being beat up by the police. she, being the straightest character i’ve evr met i don’t know why i believed this.

moved to vermont. another therapeutic community. met Adara. spent time together. worked. moved to trransitional house. drank alot and i guess got asked to leave for it. went crazy in my parents house. ws sane most of the time in vermont. there was one night i thought someone had transferred the bodies of an oil spill or shipwreck to the grounds and you could smell it. then i was committed for a year. made the best of it. got well again in four months. they perscribed risperdal and it put me permenantly in touch with reality. worked in the greenhouse. listened to the radio. got news on npr while walking the hall. got out. live with my parents again for the past year and a half. been sane. go to clubhouse now and then. have to go to the mental health center. i want to be on the meds but not have the workers come by my house. see if they can find something for part time janitorial currently. we’ll see. waiting on another condo to open up so i can live on my own again. don’t want to be alone. been feeling very alone. everyone from dual diagnosis center moved home or elsewhere. been spending time with family. smoke my pipe on the deck. garden. i drive again. saving up for a car. don’t know if i became low functioning or something but i don’t go out much.


From @A_B_C :

I wanna start from, my first memories, as far I can.

Lesson 1: Infancy

My Mom was carrying me and sending off my brother to school.

Then I remember cutting my first B’day cake for which I was crying a lot, as I was scared, as knife is held by bad people, that perception was negative oriented, may be I was inclined to such incidents from birth, who knows?

Meanwhile, I used to see things which were not real, as per my parents, used to see worms on my bed and cockroch’s in the entire room filled. My parents say I was given extra cough syrup due to which caused the above.

After that I remember scoring well in my studies like at the age of 3 to 7, also was good in painting or drawing, had drawn Taj Mahal for which I was awarded first price in the school competition.

Later on I was a victim of isolation for 3 years from 7 to 10 years, I did something I never knew its bad, had a friend and I misbehaved with her, IMO , later it became a complaint, and I was made to sit on floor. Not like others in my class.

All looked down on me, in such times, one of my friend stuck chewing gum on the teachers bench, and the teacher called out 7 guys, and asked who did it or all will be punished, then I took the blame, as I thought the punishment would be less, but I had to stand outside the pass way holding a boarding saying I did it and won’t repeat it, after that had to call my parents, to whom I said the truth, its not me its the other guy.

Due to which I started to lend hear to what others spoke, as I was alone in the floor, I was over hearing what teacher was discussing with another school member, she caught me listening and beat me up black and blue, after half an hour she realized her mistake and informed me not to let my parents know, which I did not inform.

Later in the same year was beaten up multiple times, once it was evident my back side of my hand was swollen, and was taken to hospital and the doc said to inform to the cops, which did not happen, but only ended as an escalation with the principal.

Lesson 2: Childhood

I had changed my school to one of the best institutions in my city.

It was hard but made lots of friends and those where all not so good influence, I used to make friends after a good fight.

I still remember getting beaten up under the desk and kicked.
Later we where best gang in school. Unfortunately, all my circle of friends dropped out of school, then I started to participate in sports, like swimming, hockey, cricket, table tennis, football in which I clicked. Played for my city too, under 16.

I had to choose sports or studies, so my parents said studies is better, went along listening to them.

But the time leaving the school, my friends circle grew, and had a school trip, with booze. I was the person incharge.

Lesson 3: Teenager

I started to smoke and drink occasionally, and started to perform low in studies. First voices through music, felt like they where talking to me, started to stop choosing friends, and let people choose, for me. Isolation starts. Studies decline in rapid phase.

Choosing bachelor’s in computer science, as per my parents suggestion, still ended up having subjects carried to next semesters, performed really bad.

Drank every week end and smoked, lost hope in studies and got worried about my future, then there was campus placements in which I was placed in a company.

My parents supported me when I showed interest at last in studies, I believed in second chance. Progressed to Mater’s in computer science, where I performed well in 3 semesters, and stopped drinking and smoking, but the voices and suspicious and isolation increased, dropped out off college and was diagnosed as SZ.

Lesson 4 : Youth.

Spent 3 years at home bound, taking treatment. Then my cousin showed up as I tried around 45 to 50 interviews and lost hope, I accompanied him and I got the job, from that company to another, finally stable at a job for 3.6 years, after which these thoughts of my master discontinued thoughts popped it and request parents to study further, they denied, and I started to smoke for a silly reason.

Which lead to a sharp decline again, lost the career path, to joblessness.

After years of realization, approx 12 years dx’d, this is my story till present.

The lessons does not end here, it’s just an introduction still long way to go.

Currently on aripiprazole 20 MG, and improving. :blush:

I dont know if its a success, just me at present.