Geeeez, lighten up. Or does Texas have the biggest egos too?

I was in a CA meeting years ago, a big one, more than 75 people. I kept to myself in meetings for the most part. People recognized me and I talked some but not all the time.

A lot of those people were hardcore: many had been in jail or prison, been homeless, dealt drugs, were violent, the women were often hardcore too. But at some meetings, some of them would take a shine to me and greet me or be friendly. I could have made friends with them if I would have put out the effort. I got rides home sometimes from various members.

But AA, CA and NA have great diversity in meetings. The Big Book even says it, To paraphrase: “We are people who would normally not meet or sit together, we are very different but we all have a common purpose, to help each other get clean and stay clean.” So yes, it was an odd assortment of people sometimes.

Wow, this is the longest I’ve gone, just to make a joke.

One night I was in this meeting and I was sitting in my chair waiting for the meeting to start. There happen to be three rather tough looking guys in the chairs in front of me talking among themselves. I couldn’t help but overhear their conversation and they were talking about Texas. I forget what they were saying about it but I had a joke I learned years before. (Which I’ve actually used on here a few times).
So they were talking about Texas so I leaned forward and I smiled and I said to them, “Hey, I heard they found a new use for sheep in Texas. Wool.” It’s an old joke. I expected them to laugh or be friendly but they all turned around and gave me a real unfriendly, cold look.
They looked mad and I even thought for a split second they would get up and hit me. I stopped smiling and they looked at me like I was crazy and turned back and ignored me and started talking amongst themselves again. It seemed funny later but I knew I made a mistake at the time. I mean most people are nice in AA or CA but you still have to be careful and remember where they came from.


Funny joke! Never heard that one before.

I had a similar ‘awkWORD MOment’ in a skating shack during winter years ago. These two guys were lacing up their skates in the same room as I was, and I couldn’t help but hear their conversation. They were talking about a jerk of a Cop and one guy said…

“Yeah. man! That Officer Sushi was a real ■■■■■■■ for arresting me that night…what a prick!”

I couldn’t resist, so I piped up…

“Soooo…Officer Sushi gave you a RAW DEAL?!” :joy:

(The joke being Sushi and raw fish connection)

One guy got really mad and glared at me, but his buddy couldn’t stop laughing and thankfully smoothed it over for me and convinced his angry friend that it was a solid joke after all!


Some people just don’t have a sense of humour…or they’re too stupid to understand the joke.


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