Gearing up to mow the lawn...Beach Boys playing

i am just listening to the Beach Boys “endless summer” and gearing up to mow the front yard…it’s over due and I am a bit overwhelmed. I am going to wait until the sun is almost down completely before I start…it’s something like 99 degrees right now with the sun up…sigh…I am too old for this ■■■■.


I mowed mine yesterday, was sweating


We are finally moving into winter so not so warm nights means grass isn’t growing!!! That is such a relief because in summer you mow twice a week it grows that fast!

Good luck matey! Just get in and do it is my advice and yeah wait till the sun is almost down!



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That was the first record I ever owned. My sisters bought it for me for a birthday present when I was about 12 or 13.

Mowing lawns? I mowed my sisters lawn about a month ago as a favor. Aside from mowing her lawn one or two times about a year ago I hadn’t mowed a lawn in probably 10 years.

But I’ve mowed a lot of lawns in my lifetime. In fact, that’s so impressive that I want that chiseled on my tombstone: “He mowed a lot of lawns in his lifetime and he did it with grace, class and dignity”.


:blush:a nice thing to say on gravestone.

Good to enjoy it and such luxurieness to have music playing at the same time.

Good exercise too.

I mowed the lawn when I lived out Bush by myself and I was covered in sweat because of the steep hills it was so much hard work dragging the mower up the hills.
A lot of grunting and screaming like aaaaaa to get it up the hill.

Reminds me of that film with Mel Gibson called Tim.
He is called simple by his family and he meets a successful and wealthy educated woman.

I might be on the simple side .
Apparently I say the same things over again quiet a bit which can be annoying.

Maybe there is a complicatedness

Good on you for mowing hope it feels great for you too .

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well I did it…I mowed the front yard…the whole front of the yard has a steep ditch to mow and it was very hard on me…I took three breaks before I could finish it. now Angie’s car turns over but it won’t start…we just put in a new fuel pump just six months ago…I hope it isn’t that !!

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Faulty starter maybe? My old Datsun from the 1980’s had something called a solonoid. It attached to the starter and had something to with starting the car. Maybe that’s it.

I thought of mowing mine today. Felt good about thinking about it. May think about it again tomorrow.

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