Gay club, some voices

Sometimes in the past I have received voices that have tried to make me to do things, back in March 2001 when came from my 1-month stay in LA and as I arrived at Miami after driving over three days, I received a voice which said first my English name and then ‘gay club’, I do not know if this was somebody’s effort to make me to go to a gay club, but I did not because I am straight. Sometimes these voices are like that, but it made me to wonder if somebody communicated via satellites.

If you were gay, and I’m not saying you are, it would be ok.

Yeah no doubt. It shouldn’t really phase you, be confident in who you are. Like trey parker and matt stone from south park, (I think everyone’s a little gay). LOL jk

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I have voices of many men that rape me. It can be very painful, and tactile hallucinations just play with me a lot. If you feel you’re cornered like that, I can really understand. But anyways, I’ve been to a gay club before truthfully. Men bought me drinks, no fighting, cheery music and a drag queen show.

Club Krave? Las Vegas.

Yeah I hate it when the voices start seeming like they are coming from a machine which has targeted me. Some kind of bio computer with psychotronic rays. Obviously the stuff of fiction. Brain Waves are hard to pick up let alone decide. The only thing capable of this would be another human brain, or maybe a bio computer. Anyways I’m talking in circles. None of that ■■■■ is real. But I understand how it can seem real in some instances.

My voices were pretty mean about calling me gay and calling my friends “boyfriends”, but I was a pornaholic with straight porn. Later on I figured out that I was bisexual. Now I am dating guys and have indeed been to the gay club several times. I quit going because I got too much attention. That and most the people there were not always very classy…and more like trashy…

My voices called me all sorts of homosexual slurs and told me to do gay things. Well now I have done gay things while not hearing voices just because I wanted to and thoroughly enjoyed the experiences, liked it a little more than my experiences with girls in fact, so I keep going back.

I have a date tonight, a date with another guy tomorrow night. lol

Bisexuality is often misunderstood or flat out denied. I like men and women. I don’t see how anyone could not feel attracted to someone who is undeniably attractive, whether they are male or female. The greeks were all into bisexuality, even the Spartans are speculated to have engaged in homosexuality during their training years, as they had these “big brother” figures and were not allowed to associate with women until the age of thirty. I wrote a paper on the spartans a year ago, had to give a 15 min presentation on them too. They were not completely hetero according to the leading researchers.

Just think of the concept of a Spartan dare on the worksite…