Gave a painting to a troubled teen...she finally got it

I gave a painting to a friend of mine who’s daughter had made an attempt at taking her life and the friend wanted to make it a surprise after she helped her daughter fix up her bedroom nice…my friend had it hanging in her bedroom and the daughter asked if she could have the painting that I did for her because she really liked it my friend said, " I wanted to wait until you fixed up your room…it’s yours !!" ~ really cheered me up that she got it finally.


oh that’s great Mick…why don’t you just go away.??

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ok, I get it…gonna take a break for a while…no support for me here.

Glad they enjoyed it. It’s quiet this late US. I’m sure others will respond when it’s busier.

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Can we see a pic of the painting?

thanks man…sheesh…I guess you’re right…I was just super excited about it and got my feelings hurt… @rogueone

@Nomad no sorry…I never photographed it.

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I just miss read your sentence so did not reply,
Thats really inspiring, cheers


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