Today I realized I was in an abusive relationship. I realized she’s been using my diagnosis against me to make me think I’m crazy and make me feel guilty for being upset about things. She’s been taking advantage of me and making me feel guilty for being upset.

But it’s just my symptoms she says. I’m being possessive and codependent and demanding because I’m not okay with her bringing some ■■■■■■■ dude over to my parents house so she can cuddle up to him and be affectionate with him and every other guy who crosses her path. She left to go to his house all day, while she’s visiting me…

I’m so angry.

S’all Good in da Hood Yo … ,

(in tha meantime) , , ,

Raise Your Hand Class , if You Really Have Schizophrenia and Haven’t Lied About Hearing and (OR) Seeing Shazz that Isn’t There … ,

Thus Will Be a Quick Clip , So Don’t Hesitate … ,


Did you really just call me a liar?

WHY Would You Evn Saye that Yo (???)

What the ■■■■ is this about?

yeah that definitely sounds disrespectful on her part

Right now I’m waiting for her to get back from this ■■■■■■■ dudes house so I can break up with her

man if you atleast wrote even 50% traditionally, people would understand you better and be less confuse :smiley:

you are creative i will give you that though :blush:


Nobody else can make sense of what he’s saying, either. I wouldn’t worry about it.



e(Y)e Am Naught a Fan of thee old testament … ,

e(Y)e Don’t Really Try to Be Anything Other than Simplistic , , ,

e(Y)e Fynde Complaints About tha Way e(Y)e Allow My Typing Randomness to “evolve” , Slightly Funni … ,

Honestly Weirded Out that Peeps Would Fynde thus Difficult to Understand … … …

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What it sounds like is that you’re suggesting im faking a mental illness.

I don’t even think he knows what he’s saying. Don’t lose sleep over him. You’re too legit to quit so keep coming back here and posting.


Sorry to hear about your troubles – that’s not easy. Hope you are able to resolve them without blowing up a relationship.


man even the new testament is easier to understand than that jumble :smiley:

" They get their reward " - (________)

There isn’t a relationship to blow up, she’s at some other guys house when she came here to visit me. Like, it’s ■■■■■■■ done and over with, I’m ending it as soon as she gets back and she damn well better hope it’s before my buddy conor gets here from Connecticut because at that point ill be face deep in two forties and her shits gonna be in the ■■■■■■■ garbage can. I’ve had it with this abusive whore.

Yeah, that is not okay on her part at all. The fact that she would cuddle up with another man while in a relationship is not fine or loyal. You are probably better off with a person who respects you.

In front of me, in my house. She didn’t ask if he could come spend the night, and I had to be up at five am to take my mom to work. Like, I haven’t slept in three days because of her

Don’t suggest throwing her stuff in the garbage can. Might give her legal recourse against you for loss, damages, or theft. Understand that things are pretty emotional right now, but doing rash things or getting tanked may not help. Sometimes little things can look pretty big when you’re too close up and that goes for normies, too. Suggest removing yourself from the situation for a bit and doing what you can to chill. Like I said, hoping for the best for you.


I jus noticed you changed your name. Are you asking for pictures?

Ssssh… The adults are talking.


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