Gas- can smell it

Sure i can smell gas. Had this for nearly a month a few years ago. Became obsessed about it then it just seemed to go.

Hallucination or not, I HIGHLY recommend you call the fire truck and have them come out with a digital reader. I had this too when I moved out at age 18 and into my first apartment. I SWORE I smelled gas, so I called my dad, and he said to call the fire trucks out. Sure enough, my stove was leaking.

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Please have this checked out by a gas man or fire department. It doesn’t take much gas and even pilot lights can emit just more then they should. I hope you get to the bottom of this soon with no ill effects. Gas can be so tricky. Just because the smell comes and goes, doesn’t always mean it’s not real. If you have a seal that is slowly starting to leak that could account for the coming and going of the smell.

Stay safe and I hope all will soon be well.

^ what they said!!!

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i’ve thought that i’ve smelt gas before,

i was so stupid i tried to smell the steam from the kettle and burnt my nose :frowning:

turns out it was just deoderant i think or strong aftershave lol

Smell has gone off. Wonder whether it was an olfactory hallucination.
Last time i still had a befriender who came round regularly and he never said ’ I can smell gas’ which i think he would have done if he had. That kind of told me it was in my head but it took quite a while to shake off.

The one i have had more frequently is the smell of rolling tobacco(smells different from tailor made- my late wife used to smoke roll ups) . I don’t smoke and the only person who does smoke here when he occasionally visits is my brother and he smokes tailor made.

Last week shirts in my closet smelled like gas. Took them all to the laundromat. :shirt:

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a security guard smelt gas, he phoned the fire brigade , unfortunetly he used his mobile phone…that was the last thing he ever did…better to be safe than sorry…
even static can ignite gas…
take care