Garbage in the Ocean - Have you seen this?

This is a doc. about the garbage island in the pacific, the way that the currents work it collects here.

It takes a minute but is very informative and worth the watch.

Scary shyte to say the least, it makes it apparent that the human race is like a collective red neck that dilapitates his own yard, funny how that played out, everyone was pointing at that guy for the longest time and didn’t seem to notice that they were the same as him.

Here it is if you don’t know about it already, garbage island,

The amount of it is staggering.

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Thanks for the change to my title, after saying what i have no one wants to look, but this one is essential i swear it!

Im even an outcast in the schizophrenic community, that just might make me the loneliest man on earth.

This is why I feel bad every time I take out the trash.

“A collective redneck that trashes his yard”…Good analogy.

I do still surf, and the amount of garbage out there does get me down. But more people are finally getting on the ball about how bad this is.

Thank you for posting this. People need to know. :surfer: