Garage to studio flat

Was thinking of investing to turn garage into a grnny annexe / studio flat… it will have a bathroom and bedroom and no kitchen as I can come here to eat at my mums…

garage is 5.79m x 5.46m… do you think it is possible.

Yes. Probably wouldn’t be difficult to add a kitchen, if you have plumbing.


What shape is the garage in? As long as there aren’t foundational or structural problems, I don’t see why it couldn’t be converted. Might give you more of a sense of your own space


they changed the garage here into a room for my dad cause he can’t get up the stairs anymore. it’s like a toilet and shower in one part and bed and tv in other part. I think it’s possible


That’s a great idea. Depending on where you’re loving one issue you could run into is cold. It’s difficult to insulate unless you frame all concrete walls, and do something with the floor like raise and insulate it or just use quality padding or floor heating strips.

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I do renovations so if you have any questions I might be able to answer (I’m still kinda rookie tho)


I didn’t think of that and I know we’d need permission

But hey it’s still a great way to move away without moving away so I’d say go with it! At least thinking about it. Because at the very least you could use it for Half the year. In summer it should be warm enough right? Also you could buy gym mats. You know those foam mats that click k together?


You could also do more temporary insulation like this. Would be cheaper and non perminant so. Also a plug in space heater could do wonders for heating it up. Depth of winter maybe spend more time inside?

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We will get it done proper but I wonder how much the whole thing is likely to cost. We don’t need a kitchen like I said. Maybe two rooms and a bathroom is enough for us.

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My friends converted their garage to an apartment. It can be done. You will want to consult a contractor to get designs.

True okay sorry sounds like you’ve got a good plan. One thing I was gonna say is you could use heated floors as well. They come in 8sq ft rolls for $90

Then depending on the type you get I think it’s possible to put carpet over them.

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And obviously a lot of companies will give you a free estimate so use that to your advantage in planning gettin ideas etc because there’s talented people out there who can give you some cool ideas and further your plans and it doesn’t cost a dime.

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