Ganja and Schizophrenia

Hi, this is my first post here. Before I ask a question, I wanted to give some background about myself.
I was hospitalized after my intial psychotic break/episode of extreme psychosis in September 2014. I believe my schizophrenia was onset by heavy Psilocybin mushroom and LSD use. I was hearing voices loud and clearly for at most a couple months before my episode. I thought they would go away. I thought I was still tripping. I no longer use psychdelics. I just smoke occasionally and I rarely drink.

I’ve been diagnosed with schizophrenia, paranoid schizophrenia, schizoaffective, GAD, and bipolar type (still don’t know what the type means. my pdoc never explained).

Since 2014, I have gotten stable on Latuda and I have also stopped taking it at times and have been okay until I began smoking weed and/or drinking heavily which always resulted in hearing voices again. I have gone from 40mg of Latuda to now, 80mg, but I think I need another increase!

Most recently, I stopped taking my meds everyday in October 2016 - December 2016. I was fine until daily ganja smoking made me eventually hear voices again. I would take my pills some nights to remedy it, but I’ve since decided with the new year that I am going to have to keep taking my pills for the rest of my life unless of course God delivers me from sz/sza, but how will I know if I’m taking pills that stop the symptoms? I despise the side effects (I get catatonic and rigid muscle stiffness, but I take Latuda before bed so I don’t experience it in the day) and long term risks that may occur with Latuda - sudden death and brain shrinkage to be clear. I asked my psychiatrist about this and she only responded that our brains naturally shrink as we grow older. :confused: She said the pills will help my brain get healthy… le sigh…but what I really wanted to ask is if anyone else here smokes weed and gets really paranoid, delusional thinking, and auditory voices breakthrough and come in?

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I wish there was a way to smoke it without getting crazy. It sounds stupid but meh.


See ur pdoc and take med …!!!

Me too…but it’s like ahh weed is considered a halluinogen so what should I expect.

I was reading an article that said something like we smoke weed without much avail or help with schizophrenia treatment, however we do it because it makes us feel good or it’s just something we like to do,

Yes, I saw my pdoc last week. My goal is to take my meds everyday this year.
My pdoc wants to add Lexapro. I’m a little worried because I haven’t tolerated SSRI’s in the past, but I’ll do anything to get rid of my depression and anxiety piece.

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I just read about alcohol and schizophrenia: “alcohol can conflict with the positive effects of schizophrenia medications. They lose their intensity and may become completely neutralized and inert.” (

I think this also happens when weed is smoked because in the past I’ve always had to level up dosage of meds. :frowning:

Schizophrenics are more prone to substance abuse than the most of the general population. This means we have a higher risk of addiction or alcoholism.

As a paranoid schizophrenic and a recovering crack addict, I would say nip your drug and alcohol use in the bud and stay clean. Drug use did not help me, it hurt me and became the main focus of my life for 4 years. I got clean in 1990 and I just celebrated 27 years clean on January 1st. It’s very bad to do any drug because it sucks you into a lifestyle in which you may end up (as AA says) in"Institutions, jail or death". Its not a pretty picture and the best thing to do is stop while you still can.


I know you don’t want to hear this but have you ever thought of not smoking weed. You don’t hear about it outside this forum that much but people have linked to studies that show is causes psychosis. It is bad for schizophrenics.

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no way i can even have one

when i gave up it was the first step towards health

every single one made me paranoid

Its generally not a good idea as it will typical exacerbate your symptoms. If you are going to smoke regardless just smoke enough to get a contact high. do it not because you want to get high but do it medicinally and try to do stress management techniques like yoga or breathing techniques. and if your still tripping dont smoke . 77nick77 makes a good point also.
Natural healing for skz by eva endela is a great book to read.
If you are concerned about your medication ask your doctor about invuega sustina its a shot and it works really really well. the side effects aren’t as bad.

Sounds pretty obvious that you have to quit the ganja.

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I’m like you, I have a love and hate relationship with ganja.

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Do u know Which language it derived from …!!! I am sure it’s not english…!!

I get paranoid even by smoking cigarettes. By the story you tell stop using psychoactives like weed, cigarettes or anything else and you’ll be fine. :slight_smile:

I think it’s derived from Jamaica, but I’m not sure.

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SZ and weed do not go well together. Welcome to the community.


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thank you. thank you for the book reference!

seems to be unfortunately so