Gaming sound modding

From the looks of this terms and agreement:

I can buy a sound pack and use its files to edit a Skyrim creature to use some of those custom sounds. I— would have to distribute some sounds, in ogg format, in a package in order for the sounds to work for those who download the mod. However, I can do that for the files belonging to the sound package that I bought.—

Is this correct? That’s what it looks like to me because they seem only concerned with selling these things.

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I believe game mods count as a transformative work, so they are covered under fair use. But I am not a copyright expert.

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I used to play assetto Corsa racing game.
I replaced all the car sounds with super realistic car sound packs from fonsekker. It was soooo fun to play. Haven’t played in a while


You may not reproduce, sell, duplicate, copy, or use our site or its material for commercial purposes without our written consent.

A mod is not commercial, it’s a hobby and there’s no money transaction.


The creation of an account with a user name and a password is optional but allows you to benefit from the services of our site. The information that you provide remains confidential.

There’s money to be made in selling email and mailing addresses.


The sample packs, CDs or DVDs remain the property of Bluezone Corporation until payment is completed.

Until payment is completed. Then they become my property to use in a mod to upload to Nexus.

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I bought it and am downloading it now. That’s that for this topic. Thank you for reading!

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