Gaming loot boxes addiction,gambling on problem?

Recently I have been addicted to a mobile game and spent a thousand dollar in the past 4 month on loot boxes.The last time I bought something I realise that I was addicted to collect the cards offered ingame even though it has no benefit to improve my gameplay whatsoever.I don’t want to stop playing the game for relax but I am worried that I might spent all my money on these collectible loot boxes.It’s gambling in one sense tbh…

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The only game I’ve ever played with lootboxes was Overwatch. I only paid for them one time. I spent 15 years taking my grandmother to casino’s. They use the same tactics in video games as they do in casino’s. You’re essentially paying for a spin on a slot machine. Unlike casino’s video games aren’t regulated. By law casino’s have to pay back a certain amount. I refuse to buy useless stuff in a video game. I swore off playing Overwatch. The entire game was rigged to try and get you to buy lootboxes. Even the matchmaking was rigged. They didn’t want you winning because you’d earn more lootboxes. Personally I think they should be illegal.


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