Gaming addiction

Spent almost 2k ringgit on just one mobile game recently,it affected me…how do I stop feeding this addiction?

Find a cheaper hobby!

Wow, $481 USD to win at a mobile game. Must be addictive.

It’s not the first time,previously I spent such money on the first mobile game also

You must be loaded.

It’s not about the money,it’s the suffering of people around

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I admit I spent way too much on pokemon go and hearthstone a few years ago.

Don’t play games with pay-to-play models. Play older games that only have a few DLC options and that’s it. Newer games are made to take every dime you have available, they are not for having fun :frowning:

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I don’t save my card info on any gaming platform. That way, I have to type in the whole thing whenever I want to buy something, and it gives me a few seconds to have a think.

Also, I find that most addictions bring something or feed a need in a way the person thinks nothing else can do.
What is it paying for mobile games gives you? And can you get that some other way?

Consider playing games where you only have to pay for the once, like Minecraft

Whats a ringgit?

This. I focus on games where you buy the
entirety of the game for one price with few or no in game purchases.

Or I did when I played them more. Now its some form of console almost always.

I spent a fair amount on Pokemon Go years ago. I’ve since sworn off spending money on mobile games even though I play a lot of them and can definitely see the appeal in shelling out for shiny things in-game.

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