GAMES THAT HELP MAINTAIN SCHIZOPHRENIA - improves concentration; just don't get too addicted

Before these games, all I was thinking about was my schizophrenia, but I realized after playing them for a while; I felt just like a normal person. ; SKYFORGE ; a new massive multiplayer online game - still on testing phase ; Aion; an old multiplayer game, cool for player against player combat - you also get to have wings.


Also, God’s power is real…

Just don’t talk back to the voices when playing…

PS: it takes time and alot of grinding to get to the top level… but after you get there… the fun begins; sieges, duels, legion raids etc… it’s fun.

It helps you know yourself again

@Schizoman man thanks I am curious to it pc or ps …???

pc; just get a pc with a nvidia 700 series graphics card… gameplay will be good

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@Schizoman under which medication are u on …satisfied…???

Aion is free to play… but it’s still worth it. You still have to buy a monthly pack for certain features; you can get one in-game from other players.

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I am too is game freek …but sz makes me hard to concentrate…

So this is just your opinion and not scientifically tested.

A little disappointed as is research going on for creating specific games for helping with schizophrenia symptoms. Had hoped they had been released as is proven gamers do better then the general public with sz.


u can try this one…