Games games is the best part of life

You know that feeling when you get a new game.


I enjoy that feeling so much I just end up collecting games, not playing them.


Yeah I just got the ff7 remake. Never played the first one so I have no expectations and I’m enjoying it so far. Gonna try to actually beat it as I usually buy a new game, play it a couple of hours then get bored…

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It’s a trilogy, the remake is only one-third of the whole FF7.

That stops me from wanting to play it, since it’s like a full year wait before the other third. Then another year for the last third, probably.

It’s good to have large collection of games. You can relax and play one of them after some intense work or studies

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Don’t worry. Current game culture is pretty strong.and they show how good they can play. And it’s hard for us to enjoy video games as we play not that good

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