Gamers - My proud creations

Although I no longer make money on YouTube anymore I still feel quite proud of some of my work.

It was pretty fun until things started getting weird and it felt like life was getting out of control and unpleasant. Eventually, the revenue dropped considerably and I lost the passion to do much more.

I started out with a cheap 20 dollar capture device before getting something better and high quality.

There is a lot to learn and for me it was exciting learning new things in the program for the presentation and design. It was also challenging to think about wording and fitting as much as I could in text boxes.

I know people don’t like text boxes but for me I preferred that because I grew up reading strategy guides and enjoying learning the game. Even though now I don’t recognize those guides quite as good as the free advice you can get from players anyway.

But it was just the idea that I was producing something similar to what I loved about Official Strategy Guides: the art, presentation, writing, etc.

Anyway, this is one of my videos I produced of a game I really loved but didn’t get much out there for it except this and one other video. I wanted to do a whole lot more.

One of my proudest creations was a different video that got removed because of some stupid problem with YouTube. It’s still on my desktop after my brother somehow managed to restore it through the internet.

Anyway, even though I’m not making money anymore I still feel like it’s something I hope to get back to - with a vengeance.


I loved dragons dogma, if I still played it I would probably enjoy the video.

Good on you for doing something productive and helping people.


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