Gamer,how to stay focus and be good at one game

I was playing this specific game for many years and now I am really not motivated and don’t want to play more.I am bored of it but I have put in so much time and effort that playing other game seems like a waste of my time and effort of previous year.How do I still continue and be dedicated to the game that I had invested on?

You are probably mediocarr at best as I am at league of legends. Negative symptoms stop us from progressing. Also lack of emotions we cant improve also

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Yea,I was less able to game when I first started medicine,it’s been over ten years of taking antipsychotic,I think I have got used to it and it doesn’t affect me much…

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In which game you want to get good?

I want to be dedicated in the game,it’s a football mobile game.I am starting to download other games to play instead and seems to be giving up on that game

Its a circlr of gaming. Its normal to go on another game if it gets boring. Unless you want to be competitive then you must force to play it


I’ve been playing games most of my life and I’ve never focused on one game.

I think you need to try and stop being harsh on yourself and enjoy a game for what it is. Its meant to be a fun experience. It can be challenging, and require extra effort to good at, but its still just about enjoying the mechanics etc.

I actually really like playing a few games at once so I don’t get bored of the same genre.

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