‘Game-changer for autism’: 100-year-old drug reverses symptoms, study finds



Hope it was for Sz…!!! We all are ill fated…!!!


This is extremely interesting! Flow on effect for sz symptoms may be a reality…my shrink seems to think other avenues will lead to better outcomes for us all!


But will it only work for children and teens? Or can it show positive effects in adults as well?


That’s amazing news! :smiley:


I have no idea.


Tbh I think some people don’t want to cure their autism, at least when it comes to aspergers and other ‘high functioning’ people with ASD. For me it’s more part of my personality and identity.

Sure the meltdowns are difficult. Especially getting overstimulated with light or noise. But I have coping strategies to make things easier. Anyways, if I didn’t have meltdowns I would still have panic attacks and it’s just as shitty.


I’ll take it if it works. I got traits and it could help with my social skills.


Wow did you notice they said there wasn’t enough money for studies and they went $500,000 into debt?


Good morning sister @twinklestars… long time no see…!!!


I did yes. Still i wanted to put it out there.


Yeah, just sad since autism can be so debilitating and costly, you would think there would be more funding.

I expect the funding problem exists in sz research too.


This money will last couple of decade…
Yet There is funding problem in mental health research…!!!