Gallbladder Flush for Health

I’ve spent many years studying acupuncture and TCM for schizophrenia, one thing that comes up is the gallbladder in TCM the gallbladder is linked to fear which is linked to paranoia, the herbal formula Wen Dan Tang (warm the gallbladder decoction) is indicated for early onset schizophrenia, the acupuncture point gallbladder 34 is also used in the treatment of schizophrenia so it’s good practice to keep the gallbladder in good condition, gallstones are indicated by a dull ache below the ribs on the right side, to flush gallstones, make a tea of green tea and chanca piedra with lemon juice, drink this tea regularly to flush gallstones, gallstones cause bile to become sticky in the bile duct preventing the liver from detoxing. Another aspect of paranoia is that it puts a huge strain on the adrenals, the fight or flight reaction, to keep the adrenals in good condition take an adrenal formula, pregenolone is an excellent supplement for supporting the adrenals, my experience so far with pregnenolone is that you get improved mood and energy, I felt a bit irritable for the first two weeks but this may have been down to the detox effect of pregnenolone after two weeks of taking 50mg I was able to up the dosage to 100 to 200mg micronised pregnenolone.

dont do it, your just going to screw your organs up.