Gained 10 lbs

My body doesnt feel well with the xtra weight. I feel like ass. How did I let this happen? Carelessness oh well better luck next time. I have 63 lbs left

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:slightly_smiling_face:I have gained weight too and it doesn’t help that I was gifted a huge plate of balaclava and I have a sweet tooth and I just had a hysterectomy so I can’t go to the gym for six weeks.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

My clothes don’t fit me anymore.:open_mouth:

Hope we lose some weight in a healthy way.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah the holidays makes you put on the pounds. Same I hope so too thank you for your comment.

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I’m not going to give into the Holidays.
I’m on a strict diet because most of my health issues is due to my obesity.
So far I’ve lost a few pounds and its been about a week.
Not going to give up.

No bread, no pasta, smaller portions, and lower carb, more veggies and fruits.

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Thats good! I will be doing my diet as well.

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You can do it @anon97970229
Don’t give up!

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Maybe make up your mind to do something about it in the new year

Rooting for you too. Wishing you all the best.

@shellys12 I already made up my mind, have been, I’m just going to take it more seriously.


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