Gain weight or poor nutrition

I was trying hard to gain weight before med, now i am trying hard to maintain weight.

I know that feeling. I think matinance is the hardest part. I’m 135 now, I was up to 140 which was 5 pounds over what I wanted to stay at but I was doing a lot of strength training so I am pretty sure it was muscle. I stopped training and I have lost 5 pounds, all of which I am pretty sure was muscle.

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Have you heard of the GAPS diet? GAPS stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome. It helps heal your gut, maintain the weight that’s right for you, and also helps your brain health - in fact, it improves the health of every organ and system in your body. Look it up on Following the “diet” (technically it’s more a protocol than a diet) you’ll get some immediate benefits, and then slow, steady improvement over the long term.

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Have you heard of the Guts diet? Its so you can be as strong as this guy and swing a huge ass sword around. Requires being branded as a demon sacrifice by your best friend so he can become a demon lord, therefore part of your soul is in the astral plane and so your body is beyond normal human limits. Must eat 300g of protein a day. Must kill a demon once a week with sword to stay in shape. Must practice swinging sword daily. Will get strong as hell. Will need new clothes for new body.

Sword must be forged to be exactly as tall as you by a real blacksmith.

Patented fitness program my Mortimer Mouse