Anybody else on this med? Makes me very Hypomania to the point I get in arguments with my wife because I’m in her face spitting about how much stuff we have to get done today when all she wants to do is sleep her life away.

Helps with the hip and back pain, but build up tolerance fast. On 300mg 2x day hoping to go to 800mg 3x day today when I go to the doctor. At least 600mg 3x day cause sometimes I have to take more from the pain and they really get me Very Manic, but like a really Cool Energized type feeling that feel’s good and where I want to talk 100 mph about anything and everything and has been able to keep me up till 6 am in the morning cause I couldn’t stop the hypomania from it or help me sleep at 7 pm at night.

They have helped with sleep very much so. Very good for sleep when night time rolls around.

There like the perfect pill. They give you energy through the day, then help you sleep at night. I love this med and hope to stay on it for a very long time.

Does it help you sleep or are you staying up manic… it usually helps me sleep… with added motivation in the day… tonight stress and a tooth ache have woke me back up…

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It mostly helps me sleep for the most part, just kept me up till 6 am one time from the hypomania I just couldn’t seem to stop, but that was one time. Other than that the latest I’m in bed by is 11. Really motivates me through the day if I take enough.

I’m up from pain from hip and back from gabapentin not working now and minor toothache also.

Although very pumped about today cause today I’m going to doctor and hopefully he’ll up me to at least 600mg shooting for 800mg though. And next tuesday I get my tooth pulled so no more pain from that. Just smoked last time I got a tooth pulled and nothing happened although my brother in law did and got an abcess and his mouth swelled with puss crying in pain with drysocket.

Never happened to me and when I get my tooth pulled I will smoke, maybe not as much , but will just praying for no dry socket.

Toothaches are the worst though man, have you tried the clove oil on it or salt and pepper trick? That’s if you don’t have pain med’s for it

I’m prescribed Gabapentin for anxiety. I take 300mg twice a day. It chills me out a lot and helps me to relax. I used to be on Klonapin but they stopped prescribing benzos at the clinic I go to. I have not experienced it making me manic. It sedates me a little.

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I was prescribed Gabapentin a while ago, but decided not to take it when I found out that it could trigger manic episodes.

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Actually it can chill you out too blurg if you take low doses like that , but if you took for say 3200 mg you would be bouncing off the walls probably. Low doses it doesn’t affect mania I don’t think.

Wave your probably right it does trigger manic episodes, but I actually like the manic episodes cause it helps me get stuff done and be energized. No paranoia whatsoever with it in my case. Just energized and motivated through day like manic episode energized and sleepy at night

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It makes me hypomanic and hypersexual. I can’t take it every day, or else I get super manic and make terrible life choices. I take it PRN for anxiety.


Makes me very Hypomanic although as for the life choices I still Fu#k up from time to time, but doesn’t coerce me into doing stupid ■■■■. I do that on my own, without the med anyway.

Sometimes I get very hypersexual on it and it can either be a good night or a go to the bathroom and work it out night depending on the mood of the wife.

I take it for pain. Just got bumped up to 400mg 2x day. That should help till next month, but the month after probably get to tolerant to it and need Up’d

I started gabapentin recently for anxiety. I started with 100 mg twice a day which did nothing. Then I went up to 200mg twice a day which made me dizzy and tired, so now I’m on 100 mg morning and 200 mg evening.


It works on men too. I’m 56 and normally need the blue pill, Started taking this after back surgery and been jerking off twice a day now, love this stuff.

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I experienced higher libido on ativan, I felt my heart racing every time I thought in pornography.

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