Gabapentin and AP

Does anyone take these together?

I do. I take gabapentin for nerve pain that I have from sciatica. I otherwise have the Invega injection and loxapine.

Thanks for letting me know I’m always Leary about new meds, I am also on invega.

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I took gabapentin with Geodon. There is a risk of combining the two, and it hit me. I got a breathing issue from it.


Well crud. I’m on those two now.

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I took 1000mg/night of gabapentin for 10 days to try and help with insomnia, it kinda worked, but not really.

Then when I quit I had 3 days of withdrawals where my body felt like it was burning up, like really hot.

My AP is Latuda and I was taking it at the time.

But I had no issues for those 10 days mixing the two meds.

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