GABA supplements

someone of you tried GABA supplements?

Glutamine works better than GABA. Glutamine crosses the blood/brain barrier easily and will be converted to GABA or Glutamate depending on what your brain requires :slight_smile:

If you want a stronger GABA effect take the Glutamine with Vitamin B6 , but I reccomend Glutamine alone first. 500mg - 1000mg with water/juice/tea on preferably empty stomach - it’s important not to mix the Glutamine dose with other protein foods in your stomach.
I get mine from iHerb - ‘Now L-Glutamine 500mg 120 capsules’

Gaba…i would like some gaba. I read its some kind of brain chemical. What do you know about it?

L-Theanine is supposed to work on gaba receptors.

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