Future Happening

If the Russian presence in the Middle East continues to grow the US will be helping ISIS fight it covertly or overtly most likely through the providing of weapons. It’s the type of policy we tend to have there. Our enemies today are our friends tomorrow.

I don’t see Russia as being nearly as dangerous as they were during the Cold War. The military situation is very different now as compared to then. We might not be able to escape being rivals to Russia, but today we don’t need to engage in covert actions against them. It is true that expediency seems to be the guiding policy in our relations with the mid-east.

I remember Trump saying that we (americans) should let the russians do their thing in syria. he said that fighting the bad guys (isis) is a good thing and we( americans) should do the same.

There’s an interesting and unfortunate thing about Presidential primaries in our nation called the super delegates. When HW Bush was running against Bob Dole, Dole won over a half dozen early primaries but was tied in the delegate count to Bush. As soon as Bush won a primary he became the front runner. I imagine that will happen to Trump too if he is not nicer to FOX News. I think there is a fix for either Jeb Bush or Marcio Rubio that will become apparent when other candidates drop out or one of them does better in the polls unless the Trump support really grows into the 40-50% category and the establishment can’t ignore him any more. I don’t think Trump will last much longer.

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