Future Advances In Schizophrenia Treatment

Here’s some predicted future advances in schizophrenia research and treatment:

  1. There will be 40 year injections for Invega, Risperdone, and Abilify.
  2. The US government will pass a groundbreaking law limiting the increase in schizophrenia generic drug prices to 10% a year and name brands to under $50,000 a month for the next two decades.
  3. There will be groundbreaking research finding that having a tattoo at 15 increases your risk of developing schizophrenia.
  4. The 400th consecutive Phase 3 failure for a new schizophrenia drug will occur as a combination of fish oil, vitamin D, and cod liver oil won’t work as well as Risperdal.
  5. A vaccine designed to protect against schizophrenia has caused everyone to have it which has lowered the stigma significantly against the disease. However society’s pretty messed up now.

Can u give us a link to see it through…!!!

It’s a joke :slight_smile:

whatever it is…!!! but next 5 to 20 years is going to important for Us…
there may me next breakthrough waiting to b cracked…!!!
let hope toward it…!!!

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They WILL find a cure for negative symptoms. Or die trying :wink:

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This stuff all came from your imagination so I can’t take it seriously. Where do you get off posting dubious crap like this anyway…wasting my damn time.

The point I’d trying to make is that schizophrenia research is not achieving much and hasn’t for the 24 years I’ve had the disease, the drugs are expensive in the US at least and no serious attempt is being made to stop that, there’s been a number of Phase III new drug failures lately, the vaccine thing was more of a science fiction thing admittedly but I have noticed very little effort in trying to make one, and many companies are making extended injections of the old drugs rather than trying to make better meds. It’s more of a protest than a joke.

Open dialogue therapy and environmental locations with stimuli subtracted… like a public hospital without ACs or people or nothing… I mean a few triggers as possible mucking about…

The people don’t care about the SZ because they don’t know the SZ’s NEEED… which is a GD break from folks… like 3 or 4 months without interacting with any one…

perhaps… anyway… folks do seem wiser than I knew before.