Fury as Prince Harry says...,

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He’s right innit

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Innit dough…,

Umm but seriously? For me personally,

My job does not bring me joy atm but

I’m sticking with it until it does

And eventually move to a different job

I feel bad to do the benefits thing nowadays

I know it can bring me joy,

I just need to loose weight

It gives me joy knowing I will eventually enjoy it more

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But I do understand sometimes benefits are necessary…,


Unfortunatley thats a little difficult if you have a mortgage or paying rent.


Bit of an irresponsible, tactless comment (of Harry).

@LittleMissSlothy, sounds like you are working very hard in your new position and I think that speaks volumes about you. Loyal, hard working, determined, tough and dedicated. Keep going :muscle:

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Spoken like someone who has never been forced to work a job they don’t enjoy to pay their mortgage and bills. I think he lives in a different world.



You wouldn’t think Prince Harry would be this ignorant.

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Okay soooo people that clean out porty potties should quit? Or septic tank cleaners? Dump workers? Different thing that are awful they should all quit? They are awful jobs that keep the modern world going and if no one did them out society would crumble

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Idk. I just feel I have no choice lol.

Nothing special really

Having said that I do struggle a lot with anxiety :cold_face:

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I haven’t actually read the article so I’m. Not sure of the details

There are people in this world who like their job ?

Exactly. Don’t take advice from the privileged in how you should live your life. Silver spoon

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Yes I do. The illness just makes it more difficult to focus

Haha, I’m consistently tickled by the solemn faces and a typically lower middle class notion of respectability that tends to surface in these improvised eulogies to work ethic

Stop polishing your chains, my dearest friendos

The only job i would like is if i got paid for doing nothing. Why would anyone like working. We do it cause we have to

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That’s a poor attitude to have and you’ll never be satisfied with anything in life if you continue thinking like that

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Sounds like a winning attitude to me mate.

No one likes their job, lets face it.

Why should we bullshiit ourselves to try make us feel better. You always complain about your job on here…

I have a new job now.

Nothing wrong with the job. The problem is trying to keep it going due to the faulty wiring in my brain

Makes life very difficult, but nothing that’s worth doing will be easy

I don’t like the attitude towards work by those who have illness like SZ…

The people who do work fund many peoples lives, and so it should as it’s the right thing to do.

That doesn’t mean it’s an excuse not to try

There are thousands of things you could do, just find what you want from life and go for it

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I do work,

but i dont not wake up with a smile on my face for it. Its still shiit. I want a simple life, with my girlfriend, kids and some pets on a farm somewhere. So im out as soon as i make that happen.

Think that people are slowly realising they dont need all this captive consumerism bullshiit and a simple life is better than a dead end job, hence the mass amount of people quiting. I hope its that.

Most of our problems all come from work. Bad leader, bad problems. Humans are greedy and finding a boss thats out to save you and help you, is just not that common unfortunatley.

Its prob the reason capatilism is alive and socialism will never work. Its biologically fuucked in people. Sad as it is.

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