Further communication will be treated as harassment, and authorities drawn

Go ahead. They all say that about you.

I got a back injury, and you could care less, never came to talk to me

I told you I was treated like sh-it from the head honcho.

Turnover, Sheri, and she doesn’t get that it’s her.

I’m sure alll you probably did was just twist your back slightly. Not a big deal.

what? I had to pull off steel siding from the forklifts.

I did everything proper, bent my knees, held it close to my body.

it was too much.

do you just want to act like I’m a exaggerating, and it’s no big deal.

don’t even talk to me.

anyway, the job is gone.

Sheri? Sheri. most people on here don’t do physical labor.

you quit because it was fu-cked up management.

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