Funny way to win or avoid confrontation

It’s 10:00 pm. I had brung my laundry to my sisters house and put in a load and sipped soda and surfed the web and ate snacks while waiting for it to be done. It finally dried and I put all my shirts on hangers and folded all my clean pants and put them in my laundry basket.

My car is parked about 30 feet in front of my sisters house in the visitor parking space.

I walked outside to put my laundry in the car. Some person happen to be walking by my car. I just gave them a normal worried look like, “What are you doing so close to my car?” It was a teenager and they seemed to take offense at this. They walked a few feet past me and stopped. I just glanced at them and opened my car door. The person started flailing their arms like a windmill. I discovered it was a teen girl. She just stood a few feet from me with her back to me getting excited and flailing their arms in circles. No one else was around and my impression was (I could be wrong) she was trying to scare me by acting crazy. This went on for 10 seconds. Since it was a girl all I did was make a point of checking out her ass, up and down. This stopped her cold and she sheepishly walked off.


And we think WE’RE strange.

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Exactly. You can’t look at a person more than two seconds these days.

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14 second stare will place you in jail here, but it was an old news I guess. 2016.

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My son and I have one. If we are ever about to get in a fight we have decided to calmly tell the person “hey man, you need to take a s h i t”. “you just really need to go to the bathroom and just, just go take a s h i t”. “it’s all built up and making you aggressive and you really just need to go take a s h i t”. And just get more and more insistent that they need to take a s h i t. "you neeed to take a S H I T ! ". lol.

Every once in awhile when there’s a lull in me and my son’s conversation one or the other of us will just suddenly shout out "you gotta take a s h i t ! ". It always cracks us up.


I would have handled the situation the same.

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