Funny thread

I’m a beautiful woman.

A matter a fact I don’t know if I am a woman or a man.

I get delusional, crap, I don’t know…the difference btw a horse and a donkey.

One time I thought a woman was a horse, when I was delusional…and I mounted her.

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When I was delusional…I ran into a tree, and busted my head open…and I still tried to walk through it again…because I thought the tree would move.

What if 2 grandmothers got into a fight, and when the cops showed up…they beat both the cops up.

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What if an ice-cream truck, showed up…and an old lady had a cane…and she kept hitting the truck with her cane. And she said, don’t keep serving ice-cream to these kids. Then she put a grenade under the truck and it exploded. Then she blew up the cops with grenades. And then she put her arms up and celebrated…then another ice-cream truck ran over her.

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oh crap, I don’t know what to say…

What if a hang glider jumped off a mountain, and he had to go to the bathroom…and he landed near a porter poddie……and he went to the bathroom.

What if a zebra jumped off a mountain, on a hang glider…and he had to go to the bathroom…and he went to the bath in mid air…and it hit a squirrel on the mountain.

What if a moderator got kicked off this site, with making an inappropriate thread, shoot that probably has happened before.

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