Funny thread

What if somebody put rocks in a soccer ball, and then somebody broke their foot when the kicked the ball.

What if this site was set up to say one letter for every thread.

What if a person had the wrong pair of glasses on and he ran into a tree and died.

What if an air craft carrier shot a grizzly bear out of one of its’ cannons.

What if somebody called somebody on the cell phone and the person they called was sitting right next to them.

Are you drunk???


What if a grizzly bear was driving a drag race car.

Because your not being as witty as you probably think you are.

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What if two grizzly bears were playing a tennis game and one grizzler bear lost the game.

What if a girl wasn’t interested in a guy and she threw a tennis ball at his face.

Rubolph the red nose rein deer, had a very shinny nose.

What if a parent told their child Santa Clause didn’t exist and their child shot them in the face.

What if a soccer player was playing in a game and he had a tooth brush in his mouth.

What if somebody was playing a soccer game while they were wearing sun glasses

Probably block out the son. But then his son could get a pair too.

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