Funny thoughts

What if a cat and a flea lived on the moon and they kept floating around.

What if a cat and a flea played baseball together… and the cat pitched the ball to the flea and he hit a home run.

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What if alcohol cured sz.

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I wonder what the temperature is on the moon.

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What if the moon kept hitting the earth…and it kept bouncing off the earth.

What if my user name was username.

What if Donald Trump’s hair was purple.

Paging @Username


What if the screenplay to Troll 2 was turned into a huge budget Hollywood movie?



What if cats.

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What if the moon and the earth kept hitting each other?

What if I jumped out the window and there was a lake magically placed by my window.

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What if a typewriter hit Saturn?

What if there was zero planets and everybody was floating around.

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What if all humans turned into rabbits and started hopping around everywhere. What if the rabbits wore shoes


What if the earth was oval??

What if a terd hit a satellite.

What if a satellite hit a frog?

What if a satellite hit a whale in the ocean?

What if I bought headphone today… That would be good actually, not funny…

What if they fell in my ears… Lol.

What if a frog went to the bathroom and then this whole earth died.


Lol that would be sad.

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What if everyone was offered an mri and half the population were discovered to be brewing in chronic illness.

What if somebody rode a bicycle around the circumference of the moon.

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