Funny thoughts in public

I always get funny thoughts wile I’m walking or sitting at the coffee shop. I try to hold myself from laughing or smiling but sometimes i manage it, and sometimes i just laugh in a low tone. When people notice and look at me, i look at my smart phone and start typing like i just received a funny text. What a daily struggle we are going through funny or sad it’s still a struggle.


I have old memories running through my head all the time. Sometimes I get a funny one and start randomly laughing. I don’t even try covering it up anymore.

Many years ago I was sitting alone in a restaurant laughing at jokes I was thinking up. It went on until a man came to me and asked me if I was alright. I said I was and then quit laughing. No harm done.

i get funny things like " kill them all ", cracks me up !
take care

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