Funny Thing Announcement

Hi. I want to talk about the Funny Thing series I got going on here. I know many of you like these pictures I find and it brightens your day, and that’s why I want to keep doing them. Another reason is because it heightens my social awareness outside of the forums.

But there is a darker side to the social acuity. It actually made me really depressed. Having to keep up with finding these every day and make sure everyone likes them is tough. There is a lot of expectation. And you instinctively anticipate these expectations from yourself and from others.

So given that there are certain pros and cons to working these out, the pros far out weigh the cons. At times it does not seem it, so what I am saying is that I will be doing these more but I do not know how long.

I hope you all enjoyed them and can continue to feel better about yourselves because I know I did.


don’t make it hard on yourself - You come first Always. Yes we all like them, but your well being is more important.

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Yeah but guys make it all worth while. You guys make me feel good.

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I think the trick to keeping the pressure off yourself to come up with acceptable stuff, is to only post the stuff you really like, when you find it, rather than compromising your standards due to lack of time.

I’ve always prefered quality over quantity anyway, so fewer pictures that are great beats a lot of so-so pictures, at least in my book.
Good luck and thanks for doing this for us!

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