Funny Thing 5/24/16 - Funny Thing Returns!



I’ve been kind of depressed lately and not having the energy to post these. I’ll try to keep these coming during the week days.


that’d pretty much be me, ha.


Lol… I think there are cameras watching me. :camera_flash:


I hope you feel better apathy.


A l o h a . How’s it going mister? Are you still on geodon?

@Apathy hope you feel better too. :smiley::rabbit:


When I was at my most ill, I actually tried making a tinfoil hat to see if it would block out the ‘signals’. I was indeed very ill then. At least I can say I was part of the tinfoil hat brigade, not just figuratively, but literally.


Meh. I searched for camera throughout the apartment. At one point i thought the stereo had a built in camera.


I have a camera attached to my computer. I have the occasional thought someone could be hacking into at and watching me.


Yeah i just put a sticker on it


When I don’t want people watching me, I put a drink insulator over it. Then I close all the blinds and shut the windows.


Ahah This is funny. In my thought broacasting phase I thought tin foil didn’t work, so I didn’t try it. But considered it. :smile:


Hey bug :wave:

Yes, on Geodon had it increased yesterday. I’m having some anxiety today.


It will go away, promise :kissing_heart: Just stay patient and focus on getting better and taking it easy. Geodon is a very good med.


Thanks honey bug. How’s your Latuda going?


Im fine in general. Sunny days change my whole mood. Chillaxing. Doc increased my med too.


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