Funny Thing 4/18/16


Obviously time to head for the border eh?

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Yes exactly. At least there if you kill someone, you can pull a Mel Gibson and get put in Mexican prison where you can get drunk and kill someone again without anybody making a fuss.


That’s when I call my family for clean up…jk

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I know a very good cleaner and have him on speed dial.

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Care to refer him to a friend :smirk_cat:

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The wolf.

fifteen characters.

The wolf?

15 characters as well

Guy in Pulp Fiction, dude accidently shoots this kid in the back of the car so they pull into a safe house so they call “the wolf” who comes screaming over in a luxury car and fixes the situation pronto.

Oh yeah, that guy.

*or whether you used a condom.

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That’s right, never leave evidence.

never leave a baby. Or get an std.

I remember it burned when I peed when I was like 16/17 for a while and my ex was all like “who you been sleeping with"
and I’m like no one…last was you” and she’s all like Oh crap" But then who knows it just went away…I got a call from a woman I slept with in my mid 20’s saying she’d tested positive for some STD I can’t remember the name of but know is the most common at the moment and urged me to get tested? Did I? I did not as doctors make my skin crawl, my second girlfriend was molested by a pediatritian when she was nine but her mother felt that she couldn’t go up against a doctor (trust me you don’t want to)

this is truly humorous to me…

hah the punch-line in the last word

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