Funny, the evolution of beer culture

I have been following how the beer culture has evolved, first people purchased a 6-pack of beer, then a 12-pack and now people are carrying 24-can cases, maybe in the next phase it will be a 48-pack/case, no wonder people have more and more mental issues :smiley:

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Beer is sold way too cheaply in liqor stores. They basically sell a pint of beer for a euro now and you can buy a bottle of whiskey for 15 euro. That’s bad news. They should jack up the price. To think beer in my country is cheaper now than it was 20 years ago when I was a teenager.

Here were I am one 50-cl beer is three euros, in some stores 1.8 euros and a 24-beer case is over 20 euros, so it is about one euro a can, I do not drink alcohol, but I wonder how people afford to buy it, many people travel to Estonia and bring back cars full of beer and liquor, because it is less expensive, people just want to drink, about 25 % of people have some alcohol problem, their recommended quantity of alcohol is 20 drinks a week, I would become totally nuts if I drank so much, but people like to drink. In the monopolized alcohol store the price of wine has increased, but people still buy it, they are alcoholists.

Hate the taste of beer. You couldn’t pay me to drink it.

chinese saying man takes drink, drink takes drink, drink takes man.
beer makes you pee like a hippo wine makes me loose the plot i better watch out one liver is all i got.