Funny story

I have always been a bit overweight, especially as a young kid.

At primary school in like 1st grade we had a teacher who was very religious. It was a secular school but she often embarked on religious education.

Her fave activity was to replay the crucifixion of Christ with us kids as the major characters. Honestly we did this like once a month.

Anyway we had a mock cross and a kid would play Jesus and the rest of us his disciples. Part of the fun was to carry the body of Christ into the cave where he was laid to rest. We literally picked up Christ and carried him over our heads to where we pretended was a cave.

Now everyone wanted to be Christ because you basically got to crowdsurf. It was so in demand that the teacher had to establish a rotor system so everyone got a chance of being Jesus.

Thing was I never got to be carried because I was tubby. So in short I was too fat to be jesus, was always Judas instead (even at that age we knew Judas was a lame character to play)


Sounds like an interesting education! Looking back on it you’d have to say all pretty weird but I spent one year in a catholic school when I was 11. That really opened my eyes that experience!

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Wow! I was a middle school science teacher at a public school! Even though at the time I lived in the Bible Belt area I would have been fired if I had the students do that! Not only would I have been fired I would have been on the news!


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