Funny, not in a haha way but in a dark knowing way

I am not sure that funny is the best word, but I don’t think irony is right either.

I like this because it reminds me of a time when children’s stories had characters with actual flaws. Now a days it’s all super peppy happy positive. I think that is particularly bad for kids who have physical and/or mental problems. Even the few stories that do include them don’t in any way deal with the alienation I think that kids with physical problems have (just based on the fact that if they are in a wheel chair and all the other kids are playing jump rope, stuff like that). Or the ‘do those other kids have to take pill every day too?’ question that I’m sure goes through a lot of their minds.

I have only seen a few children’s stories where someone is sad. I don’t mean in a funk. But depression sad.

Also where are the books and shows about kids who are constantly out shined? When you are that kid with no real special talents and everyone else is a sports star or an art prodigy.



I always identified with Eeyore…“thanks for noticing me” hahahaha.

Nobody used to get that.

From what I’ve seen childrens stuff is going the way of gone as my niece has been obsessed with these nickelodeon shows featuring snarky teenage girls since she was six years old. I mean you can get her to appreciate the proper old school children’s stuff but turn your head and she’s watching these sarcastic egotistical teenage girls again.

But then people say I grew up too fast…

Yeah. I watched a little bit of Disney channel with a friend I used to have. A lot of girls at my college like kid’s shows. I was like what the fluff? This is in no way appropriate for any one. And we are surprised about all the bullying?

Very smart - I like your post, yeah I kind of connect to Eeyore and Christopher Robin

I was about to go through the list of drugs and try to get everyone together to critique them and how they worked for them. Mainly because I don’t think (I might be mixed up here though) that many people take Clozaril any more. I was curious to see if any of the other drugs were still regularly used.

Wait… that was Clonipin. (definitely misspelled).

I know people who take Clozaril…

klonopin? yeah I’ve heard people say they still take it for anxiety. Little green bastards if I remember correctly.

Yeah that one…

Snoopy had delusions of grandeur. And hallucinations that would rival John Nash.


Thanks for the laugh! :smiley: I have always liked and identified with Eeyore.

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Thanks so much for the laugh! Im going to post this on my wall to remind myself to not take my illness so seriously all the time.




Well, Peanuts was always being outshined.